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Dear Friend,

I'm honored to share some of my most recent work with you in the video below:

With your vote, we can work together to:

Reduce violent crime:

Reducing violent crime is a complex process that not only includes addressing the problem head on, but also instituting preventative measures to ensure further future reductions. Jael supports the Cease-Fire program and other community efforts to reduce violence in Richmond neighborhoods. Part of this equation to reduce crime involves supporting Richmond's students and young people. Richmond Promise introduced by Jael will help take young people off the streets by providing them with opportunities and hope for a better life, as well as a positive plan for their future. 

Bring new and well paying jobs to Richmond:

Jael is committed to maximizing the economic potential of Richmond by bringing new and well paying jobs to Richmond's residents. On the Richmond City Council, Jael co-sponsored a resolution to raise the minimum wage, which was unanimously passed. He co-sponsored a Global Access Seminar with federal and local agencies to provide local businesses with the expertise necessary to take advantage of the Global capital and international trade markets. In doing so Jael is committed to making Richmond an international trade hub with the potential to bring new jobs to Richmond's local economy. 

Invest in the education and future of our young people:

Jael introduced the Richmond Promise, a collaboration with business and the City of Richmond to guarantee that every student in Richmond who graduates from high school will have funds available to continue their education. The Richmond Promise will prioritize funding for Richmond students by creating a fund that will give each student in Richmond has resources available so that he or she can attend the college, university, or trade school of their choice. 

Advocate for our neighbors and neighborhoods:

Richmond needs a city councilmember with the ability and willingness to understand and represent the concerns of Richmond residents. Fortunately Jael is committed to listening to and advocating for all of Richmond's residents, as well as supporting efforts to improve the quality of life in Richmond. This includes supporting efforts to increase access to healthy foods, as well as advocating for our homeless and impoverished neighbors. 

Ensuring the protection of our environment:

With the threat of climate change, a commitment to ensuring the health of our community and planet is more important than ever. Since joining the City Council, Jael has continued to be a consistent supporter of the environment and a promoter of environmental policies. He supported the City of Richmond's establishment of a Climate Action Plan, a ban on plastic bags, as well as resolutions to protect the coastal prairie, divest public pensions from carbon producers, and oppose crude by rail transportation and the refining of tar sand crude in Richmond. He has taken every effort to better regulate the Chevron refinery, including voting to sue the refinery in response to the 2012 fire.

Thank you,

Jael Myrick