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About Jael Myrick

Jael Myrick is a father, community advocate, and member of the Richmond City Council with experience in state and local government. His priorities include environmental protection and conservation, the education and empowerment of our young people, creating well-paying jobs for Richmond residents, and improving public safety. 

Jael was appointed to the Richmond City Council in 2013, and elected to the Council in 2014. He co-sponsored an ordinance raising the minimum wage 13 dollars an hour by the year 2017 and has worked to create jobs for Richmond residents by working collaboratively with the business community. 

On the city council Jael has worked hard to empower young people, and find a long-term solution to violent crime in Richmond, proposing the Richmond Promise. The proposal represents the collaboration between business and the city of Richmond to guarantee that every student in Richmond who graduates from High School has funds available to continue their education in the college, university, or trade school of their choice. 

Jael was raised in Richmond where he graduated from Kennedy High school. While at Kennedy High, Jael was an active and prominent member of the Kennedy High Debate Team. Upon graduation, Jael studied journalism at Chabot College in Hayward, California and Political Science at La Sierra University in Riverside, California. 

While in college Jael found a passion for community and environmental advocacy. He spent four years working on environmental campaigns with the California League of Conservation Voters, and at the age of 21 founded Standing To Represent Our Next Generation, an organization that works to train and encourage young people to be politically active. 

Jael returned to Richmond with the knowledge, experience, and a determination to improve the quality of life for Richmond residents. He was hired onto Assemblymember Nancy Skinner's staff where he represented the Richmond community. Jael was instrumental in securing the approval for the Bradley Moody underpass to dramatically reduce traffic in Marina Bay, and allow police and firefighters to reach their destinations without being blocked by passing trains. 

Jael lives in the Santa Fe neighborhood. His son, Gael is 4 years old.

Experience & Accomplishments:

Founded Standing To Represent Our Next Generation (STRONG) at age 21 to encourage young people to be politically active

Spent four years working on environmental campaigns with the California League of Conservation Voters

Spent the past four years representing Richmond and the surrounding communities as a Field Representative for Assemblymember Nancy Skinner; Using his position with Assemblymember Skinner Jael has:

Expedited State approval for a fence around Richmond High School

Led efforts to bring Clean Slate program to Contra Costa County, giving second chance to Richmond residents struggling to find employment after minor convictions

Elected as Delegate to 2011 California Democratic Convention

Served as Co-Chair of West Contra Costa Complete Count Committee in 2010

Served as Board Chair for Saffron Strand, finding employment for homeless people in Richmond

Served on Advisory Board for The Bay Area Urban Debate League (BAUDL)